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Baranniks appoints four-member supervisory board for Rigas Satiksme
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    Baranniks appoints four-member supervisory board for Rigas Satiksme

    RIGA, July 9 (LETA) - Riga Vice-Mayor Vadims Baranniks has set up a new supervisory board for the municipal public transport company Rigas Satiksme, as the vice-mayor confirmed to LETA.

    The new supervisory board includes former SEB Banka CEO Ainars Ozols, car rental ALD Automotive board member Andrejs Pancenko, state highway maintenance company Latvijas Autocelu Uzturetajs supervisory board member Normunds Narvaiss, and current Juris Svanders who currently is a member of Rigas Satiksme's temporary management board. Svanders will only be able to accept the job after he steps down from Rigas Satiksme management board, added Baranniks.

    In total, Baranniks had to nominate five supervisory board members, but he believes that the fifth member should have a degree in law, which is why the fifth member has not yet been nominated.

    According to Baranniks, the four nominees will be informed about their nominations today yet. The new supervisory board will have to hold its first meeting within 10 days to appoint the chairperson. "Their first job will be to organize a competition to select candidates who will work on Rigas Satiksme permanent board," he said.

    All the candidates have been proposed by a competition commission set up at the Riga City Council, said Baranniks. The commission also proposed the candidacy of former Rigas Brivostas Flote board member Rolands Klincis, but Baranniks believes that the fifth member of Rigas Satiksme supervisory board should be someone with a degree in law, hence the fifth position of Rigas Satiksme's supervisory board member remains vacant.

    In total, 64 candidates applied to work on Rigas Satiksme supervisory board, of which 41 made it to the second round. Members of the company's supervisory board will be paid monthly salaries of EUR 1,656 to EUR 1,841.

    The supervisory board will have to confirm Rigas Satiksme's medium-term strategy and the company's annual budgets, appoint chairperson and members of the company's management board, and ensure at all times that all issues and affairs at Rigas Satiksme are handled according to the law, the company's articles of organization and decisions made at the company shareholders' meetings. The supervisory board will also review Rigas Satiksme's annual reports, management reports and management board's proposals regarding distribution of the company's annual profit, and others.

    Candidates to work on Riga Satiksme's supervisory board were selected by personnel management company Arista Excecutive Search Latvia.

    Setting up a new supervisory board at Rigas Satiksme was proposed by Ernst&Young audit company after it carried out an audit at Rigas Satiskme, on the basis of which the Rigas Satiksme criminal case was started.

    • Published: 09.07.2019 18:59
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