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First ten-day period of July one of the coldest on record
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    First ten-day period of July one of the coldest on record

    RIGA, July 11 (LETA) - The first ten-day period of July was one of the coldest on record, furthermore, precipitation amounts were substantially higher than the norm, according to Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center.

    The average temperature on July 1 - July 10 was 14.3 degrees Celsius, which is 4.3 degrees lower than at the beginning of June and 2.4 degrees lower than the norm.

    Temperatures closest to the norm at the beginning of July were registered in coastal regions: the average temperature in Pavilosta was just 0.9 percent lower than the norm. On the other hand, the average July 1 - July 10 temperatures in Aluksne and downtown Riga were 3.7 degrees below those recorded in the same period in 1981-2010.

    The lowest temperature, 4.9 degrees, was registered in Zoseni on July 7, while the highest, 28.2 degrees, was recorded in Daugavpils on July 1.

    The amount of precipitation in most of Latvia exceeded the norm twofold to fourfold on July 1 - July 10, and even sixfold in Ainazi.

    The average precipitation in Latvia during the first ten days of July was 52.4 millimeters, which is 263 percent of the norm for the first ten-day period of July.

    There is a chance that July this year may become the coldest July in Latvia recorded since 2000, but it will not be colder than July of 1928 and 1979, when the average temperature was under 14 degrees centigrade.

    • Published: 11.07.2019 18:27
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