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Levits stresses role of Naval Forces in strengthening Latvia's defense capabilities
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    Levits stresses role of Naval Forces in strengthening Latvia's defense capabilities

    RIGA, Aug 9 (LETA) - The Latvian Naval Forces play a significant role in strengthening national defense capabilities, President Egils Levits said at an event marking the centenary of the naval fleet of the National Armed Forces (NAF).

    Levits indicated in his speech at the event that regardless of the international situation, a country cannot exist without a strong defense system and that Latvia appreciates the work, professionalism and patriotism of its Naval Forces.

    “Each resident of Latvia can rely on you and feel secure in their country because you can ensure its defense not only in Latvian territory but also beyond the Baltic Sea waters by cooperating with NATO partners on multinational missions. This requires extremely high level of preparedness for which I am grateful to you. Latvia honors and respects you,” said Levits.

    The centenary of the Latvian Naval Forces was marked also by a parade of military vessels in the Gulf of Riga, which for the first time was reviewed by President Levits. After his speech at the event, the president drove a silver nail into the flagpole of the Naval Forces’ standard.

    The Latvian Naval Forces were founded in 1919 and reestablished in 1991with the restoration of Latvia’s independence. The parade of military vessels was joined by six Latvian naval ships, as well as military vessels from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, LETA was told at the president’s office.

    • Published: 09.08.2019 14:51
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