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89% of Latvian residents support the Rail Baltica project
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    89% of Latvian residents support the Rail Baltica project

    RIGA, Feb 16 (LETA) - According to a survey on the attitudes residents have regarding the Rail Baltica high-speed rail project, 89 percent of Latvian residents support the project, which is three percentage points more than a year ago, the head of communications at SIA Eiropas Dzezlcela Linijas Rita Voronkova told LETA.

    At the same time, just four percent of Latvian residents do not support the project, while the remaining seven percent do not have a point of view on this matter.

    According to the survey, 95 percent are informed of the project, compared to 87 percent last year, and 59 percent in 2014.

    Meanwhile, 22 percent of those surveyed believe that they support the project because it will ensure simpler and cheaper travel, another 22 percent said that it will be a fast mode of transport, while 19 percent mentioned the project's economic benefits.

    This survey was conducted in December and January, with 1,009 Latvian residents between the ages of 18 to 65 participating in the survey.

    The Rail Baltica project deals with construction of a new 1,435 millimeter standard-gauge railroad in the Baltic countries.

    The Rail Baltica project seeks to re-establish a direct connection between the Baltic states and the European railway network. The project is expected to facilitate regional integration by means of a railway link from Helsinki that would link Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, Warsaw and Berlin and might potentially be extended to Venice.

    • Published: 16.02.2017 12:33
    • Ainārs Sauka, LETA
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