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Coalition has reached agreement on next year's budget "in general" - Pavluts
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    Coalition has reached agreement on next year's budget "in general" - Pavluts

    RIGA, Sept 12 (LETA) - Following the last talks of political parties on next year's budget, it can be said that an agreement on the budget has been reached "in general", said For Development/For co-chairman Daniels Pavluts.

    He told LETA that the budget formation has been discussed a number of times, also "going in circles" or on issues that have been discussed earlier.

    The current agreement provides for increasing the maximum annual differentiated non-taxable minimum income as of 2020 to EUR 3,600 a year or EUR 300 a month, the politician said.

    Also, the minimum monthly wage will be raised to EUR 500 starting from 2021.

    Parties have agreed to postpone construction of the Liepaja jail until 2022 so that funds can be used for more urgent priorities. At the same time, a new tender will be organized for construction of the jail.

    The next step is revision of these issues and making decision at the government meeting. He assumed that an extraordinary government meeting might be held on Friday, September 13.

    Ministers earlier were not able to reach an agreement on whether to postpone construction of Liepaja jail. According to the Finance Ministry's estimates, if the construction project is postponed, more than EUR 170 million can be allocated for priority measures.

    The Finance Ministry has estimated that the fiscal space in 2020 budget amounts to EUR 178.1 million. Of that, EUR 152.6 million will be allocated for priority measures of ministers, and EUR 25.5 million for priority measures of independent institutions.

    • Published: 12.09.2019 12:40
    • Ainars Leijejs, LETA
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