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Victory over Bermondt gave people confidence in Latvia and own strength - Levits
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    Victory over Bermondt gave people confidence in Latvia and own strength - Levits

    RIGA, Nov 11 (LETA) - The victory over Bermondt's forces on November 11, 1919 gave people confidence in Latvia and their own strength, President Egils Levits said today in his address to participants of the Lacplesis Day military parade and people's march. 

    "It was not just a victory over this particular enemy but also over the lack of belief in Latvians' own strength and state," Levits said.

    The president said in his speech that 100 years ago the Latvian state, founded only a year before, faced a critical moment and could be lost to the advancing enemy. "The battle against and victory over Bermondt's forces was a turning point when the whole people rose to fight," Levits said. 

    LETA observed that the military parade, which started at November 11 Embankment and moved across the Akmens Bridge to the National Library, was joined by units of soldiers, home guards, border guards, police and firefighters, as well as a group of soldiers dressed in historical uniforms. 

    Leading the parade were Latvia's top state officials and commanders of the National Armed Forces.

    Following the military parade, several thousand people joined a people's procession, which also moved across the Akmens Bridge.

    Before that, participants of a torchlight procession launched a fire raft into the River Daugava. The raft was set alight from the eternal flame burning at Riga Brethren Cemetery. 

    People sang patriotic songs, as they launched the fire raft into the river and placed thousands of burning candles on the Riga Castle wall, LETA observed.

    On November 11, Lacplesis Day, Latvians commemorate the freedom battles that were fought from 1918 to 1920.

    On November 11, 1919, the rag-tag Latvian Army and Riga residents defeated the 50,000-strong West Russian Volunteer Army led by Russian Colonel Pavel Bermondt-Avalov and German General Rudiger von der Goltz.

    The freedom battles cost the Latvian army 57 officers and 686 soldiers.

    • Published: 11.11.2019 20:49
    • Ivars Motivans, LETA
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