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Six board members leave Honor to Serve Riga party
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    Six board members leave Honor to Serve Riga party

    RIGA, Feb 21 (LETA) - Six members of Honor to Serve Riga (GKR) board, including five members of Riga City Council, have left the party, Riga councilman Vjaceslavs Stepanenko informed LETA.

    According to information obtained by LETA, the board members leaving GKR are Eizenija Aldermane, Irina Vinnika, Igors Solomatins, Andrejs Kameneckis, Vjaceslavs Stepanenko and Saeima member Julija Stepanenko.

    According to Vjaceslavs Stepanenko's statement to the press, the six members of the GKR board, including five members of Riga City Council and one Saeima member, have announced their departure from the party in protest to Riga mayor Olegs Burovs' (GKR) arbitrariness and political conduct.

    More detailed comments on the six GKR board members' exit from the party will be provided at Riga City Hall next Monday, February 24.

    Kameneckis told LETA that he would participate in Monday's briefing but declined to elaborate on the situation.

    • Published: 21.02.2020 18:44
    • Ainars Leijejs, LETA
    • Katrina Karzubova, LETA
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