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Public opinion about State Police's performance increases to record high this year - SKDS poll
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    Public opinion about State Police's performance increases to record high this year - SKDS poll

    RIGA, March 13 (LETA) - The public opinion about the State Police's performance has increased to a record high this year, and a record number of residents said that they felt physical safe, SKDS research agency's director Arnis Kaktins told reporters today.

    The annual survey of residents' opinions about the State Police's work was carried out for the seventh time this past January. It is important to know what people think about the police - "what would the official statistics be worth if residents felt dissatisfied or unsafe," said Kaktins.

    A total of 1,000 residents of Latvia ages 18 to 75 were interviewed for the survey.

    The State Police's Chief Ints Kuzis said that the data could correlate with the fact that the number of crimes has been decreasing in Latvia.

    According to Kaktins, residents' opinion of police officers' performance and attitude to residents has improved. "70 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with the police's performance, which is the highest percentage to date, while 30 percent are dissatisfied, and that proportion keeps reducing," said Kaktins.

    The survey also found that increasingly more residents are satisfied with how police officers communicate with them. "It is obvious that educating police officers has born fruit," commented Kuzis.

    He added that the police had been trying to be more active in communicating with society, informing residents about the police's day to day work, achievements and failures.

    One important factor in residents' opinion about the police is whether a person knows how to call the police, added Kaktins. "We can see that there still is a tiny percentage of those who say they do not," he said.

    59 percent of respondents said that the police were easy to access where they lived, and that percentage has also been growing over the past seven years, said Kaktins.

    The proportion of those who would like to see regular police patrols in their neighborhoods has been steadily increasing, and at the moment, only one in five residents would not want the police to patrol their neighborhoods.

    Overall, residents gave the police a mark of 6.5 this year, which is also an improvement. The police have one of the highest popularity ratings among all institutions in Latvia, and the progress has been significant, said Kaktins.

    • Published: 13.03.2019 16:09
    • Anastasija Tetarenko, LETA
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