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Personal income tax to be differentiated as of today

RIGA, Jan 1 (LETA) - Amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax come into force today, providing for the differentiation of personal income tax rates.

The personal income tax rate, which was 23 percent, will be set at 20 percent for personal income not exceeding EUR 20,000 a year, 23 percent for personal income between EUR 20,001 and EUR 55,000, and 31.4 percent for personal income exceeding EUR 55,000 a year.

A single 20 percent tax rate will be set also on capital income, including capital gains, that would replace the existing 10 percent tax on capital income and the 15 percent tax on capital gains. To ensure compliance with the principle of legitimate expectations, a 15 percent personal income tax will be charged if the taxpayer receives income from capital gains.

The personal income tax rate for patent fee payers will go up to EUR 50-100 a month from EUR 43-100 a month.

Personal income tax will also be charged on lottery and gambling prices worth more than EUR 3,000, except for the Centenary Lottery.

The minimum non-taxable income for pensioners will be raised to EUR 250 a month in 2018, to EUR 270 in 2019 and to EUR 300 in 2020 and beyond.

Published: 01.01.2018 08:50
Raivis Spalvēns, LETA

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