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Health Ministry's Strategic Council approves distribution of EUR 60 million for increasing health workers' salaries
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    Health Ministry's Strategic Council approves distribution of EUR 60 million for increasing health workers' salaries

    RIGA, Nov 22 (LETA) - The Health Ministry's Strategic Council on Health Industry has endorsed the ministry's vision of distributing EUR 60.1 million in next year's budget for raising the lowest monthly salaries of healthcare personnel, the Health Ministry's representative Oskars Sneiders told LETA.

    The council members admitted that the projected wage increase for medical workers did not correspond to what was previously planned and provided for in the Healthcare Financing Law. At the same time, they expressed support for the way in which the available funding would be allocated for increasing salaries in healthcare.

    The model developed by the ministry envisages an increase in wages for those whose monthly salaries do not exceed three average monthly wages in the economy. In the second quarter of this year, the average gross wage was EUR 1,083, while the net wage was EUR 799, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

    The council endorsed the Health Ministry's proposal to increase the minimum wage for residents by 20 percent, allotting EUR 4.04 million for the purpose. For other medical workers, the minimum monthly wages are to increase by 10 percent, which will cost EUR 48.2 million in total.

    An increase of 10 percent is also planned for auxiliary personnel and emergency medical service crews, for which a total of EUR 6.26 million will be allocated. EUR 1.6 million will be allotted for increasing salaries of other medical practitioners of other budget institutions.

    The minimum monthly salary for certified physiotherapists, audiologists, nutritionists, ergotherapists, orthopedists and art therapists will increase by EUR 95, from EUR 950 to EUR 1,045.

    The minimum monthly salary of certified physicians and dentists will increase by EUR 108, from EUR 1,079 in 2019 to EUR 1,187 in 2020.

    Minimum salaries of certified nurses, medical assistants, midwives, biomedical technicians, radiologist assistants, radiographers and emergency medical service crew leaders will increase from EUR 714 to EUR 785.

    Residents' lower monthly salary at a regional hospitals or family physician's practices outside Riga will increase from EUR 1,235 to EUR 1,482. Meanwhile, residents' minimum monthly wages in other health care facilities, including those subordinated to the Health Ministry, will increase from EUR 950 to EUR 1,140.

    • Published: 22.11.2019 17:14
    • Davis Sprogis, LETA
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