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Offices of State Police Traffic Safety Department's head and his assistant gutted in yesterday's blaze on Stabu Street

RIGA, Jan 3 (LETA) - The offices of Normunds Krapsis, head of the State Police's Traffic Safety Department, and his assistant were completely gutted in a blaze on Stabu Street in Riga last night, sources tell LETA.

In an interview with LNT television earlier this morning, Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis (Unity) said that four offices of the State Police's Economic Crime Department at 89 Stabu Street were damaged in the fire. However, no materials in any criminal cases investigated by the police were damaged, stressed Kozlovskis.

LETA then found out at the Interior Ministry that the fire had started on the fourth floor of the building, where the Highway Police's offices are located. The Economic Crime Department's offices are on the fifth floor, and they have not suffered much.

According to the State Police, last night's fire has affected work of police departments located in the building at 89 Stabu Street, which houses the Traffic Safety Department, Criminal Police, and Latvian Prison Administration's offices.

Kozlovskis told LNT that investigation was under way and that arson was not being ruled out.

The State Fire and Rescue Service was reported the fire at about 9:30 p.m. yesterday. Eight fire trucks and 32 firefighters participated in battling the blaze.

Published: 03.01.2018 10:38
Gatis Kristovskis, LETA

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