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Live streams are becoming an increasingly popular type of communications

Live streams have become integral part of modern-day communications. Live streams offer quick transmission of information, and are the best way to pass information over to large audiences, generating publicity for the given event or development.

LETA live streams are set up by a team that has great experience of filming and streaming various events, organizing around 20 live streams every month. Close cooperation with other media, ability to adapt to the client’s needs, and vast technical opportunities make LETA Video a reliable cooperation partner.


LETAs translations – top quality, precise and professional

Professionally edited, high quality translations – a key for development of your business!

Like to expand your market and reach new clients worldwide? Need a foreign language version of your website? Professional translators play a key role in the development of your business because language skills are the first impression you provide about your enterprise to potential clients and venture partners abroad.

more – How Can LETA Photo Be of Use to You?!

A representational website has been launched for the National News Agency LETA photo service –, which presents the best examples of the photo service’s work the past seven years, the extensive choice of services for companies and organizations, as well as the option to order LETA Photo services.


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