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Ralfs Nemiro to be KPV LV candidate for Riga mayor
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    Ralfs Nemiro to be KPV LV candidate for Riga mayor

    RIGA, June 29 (LETA) - Former economics minister and current chairman of Saeima Economics, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee, Ralfs Nemiro will be KPV LV party's candidate for Riga mayor, LETA learned from the party.

    Nemiro's program will be based on improving the quality of life of the residents of Riga.

    Nemiro claims that, as the economics minister, he achieved a reduction in electricity rates, suspended construction of Deglava Bridge that was not safe at that time, and significantly streamlined construction procedures in Riga, which neither the Riga City Council nor the past ministers had been able to accomplish.

    "I see myself in Riga as a doer in the future as well - in these difficult times caused by the pandemic, Rigans' main concern is jobs. I will work with my team to eradicate questionable outsourcing procedures at municipal institutions," says Nemiro, also promising to reduce utility bills and develop fair housing and energy policies, as well as beautify Riga neighborhoods.

    The motto of KPV LV's program is "Know This: Riga is Your City", and it is based on three pillars - jobs, family, and respect for Rigans. KPV LV will pay great attention to transparent and well-thought-out management of municipal institutions and companies in the interest of Rigans. The party will also work to promote business activity in Riga, the city's export capacity and tourism, including restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, stores and entertainment venues, as well as support local producers.

    The other leaders of Nemiro's team include Welfare Ministry's Parliamentary Secretary Kriss Lipsans, sociologist Julija Stare, and businessman Vasilijs Nilovs.

    • Published: 29.06.2020 12:56
    • Anastasija Tetarenko, LETA
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