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Levits calls on public to mobilize to stop spread of Covid-19
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    Levits calls on public to mobilize to stop spread of Covid-19

    RIGA, Oct 26 (LETA) - Latvian society needs to mobilize in order to be able to stop the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the country through joint efforts, President Egils Levits emphasized in a message to the public on Sunday.

    In recent days, Latvia has seen a rapid spread of Covid-19, new records of the number of negative cases have been recorded, reaching several hundred daily, the number of deaths has risen to 56, and hospitals are rapidly filling up.

    In such circumstances, Levits has issued a call to the Latvian public for people to more consciously adhere to the restrictions set to control the spread of Covid-19, so that the state would be able to stop the spread of the virus.

    "Every day comes new alarming figures about the spread of the pandemic. It's not just statistics - our fellow human beings are also behind it," the president said, adding that "today we must not listen to the populists, as their fake news threatens our fellow human beings and the public as a whole''.

    The politician noted that several European countries have acknowledged that the spread of the pandemic has gone out of control, therefore "there is no room for chaotic action or overconfidence in Latvia".

    "We need to be rational. Our goal is to break the spiral of the pandemic. We need to be decisive," said Levits.

    Levits stressed that restrictions should not be imposed and enforced "for the sake of the government" or for any other reason. "It has to be done for our own lives and health. We don't need hospitals in stadiums. Let's remember - it really hurts when we lose a loved one," the politician said.

    The president emphasized that health safety measures, based on expert recommendations, were constantly being adapted by the government to the current situation, and these measures are "rational and correct".

    "Freedom is to be aware of what needs to be done. We must all mobilize together to quell this wave of pandemic. We were able to achieve this in the spring, and we will be able to do it now," the president told the public.

    • Published: 26.10.2020 08:07
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